This will be a short post with just a couple pictures. We started the day with an early morning trip to the post office where the clerk wrapped and packaged our walking poles, Swiss army knife and Leatherman tool to be mailed home. These are items we could not carry on the plane and we didn’t want to check our backpacks. It was a gray and drizzly morning so we decided to go early into the cathedral to pray and wait for the pilgrims mass at noon where we hoped to see the Botafumeiro in action! 

The Botafumeiro.

Ed walking down the side aisle.

One of the side altars.

The main altar. You can see all the scaffolding above the altar that is being used for the church restoration.

We arrived early enough to get seats in the first pew in one of the transepts, the direction that the Botafumeiro would swing. Ed and I both completed Morning prayer and the Office of Readings, and then we each individually chanted  (ever so softly!) the names of all who had supported us or had asked for our prayers. It was incredibly heartwarming to be sitting in the place we had walked so far to reach and then bring to mind each of you and remember you in this sacred space.

By noon the church was standing room only and we sat through Mass still not knowing if we would see the giant censcer in action, until just after communion we saw the men wearing the traditional robes enter the sanctuary and knew that we would not be disappointed. It was a most fitting end to a long journey.

Later that evening we had a nice dinner and went back to our room to pack the backpacks for the train to Madrid in the morning. We will soon be headed home!