Day 33. Countdown continues – 3 days to Santiago. 

We are starting today’s blog from our breakfast stop in Gonzar. This place is hopping busy. It’s about 8 kilometers from where we started and it has been a long and relatively fatiguing  walk in a grey overcast morning with most of the Camino following alongside a busy highway. And this was the first stop of any kind and so just about every pilgrim passing by has dropped in for breakfast.

One of the few inspiring spots in the morning walk.

Our second rest just around lunch time for a small refreshing beer!

At the second rest stop there were about 6 or 7 chickens going from table to table hoping someone would drop a morsel.

In 26.5 kilometers this was the only church we came across and it was locked.

…we have finally arrived at our albergue for the night in Palas de Rei. I have to say this was one of the longest and least inspiring days we have had to date. And this town has nothing about it that would make you think about a palace for the king. 

Town hall.

On the right at the end of the alley is the Cafe Castro.

Pension Palas de Rei.

However, it does have its redeeming points. We love the albergue and we found, after considerable searching, a wonderful small café, The Cafe Castro, that served up probably the best meal we have had in Spain thus far. It was cod in an incredible cream sauce topped with a large crayfish. Even the potato chips served with the dinner were freshly made. But before the main course we split an appetizer of grilled mussels which were also superb. Ed and I have been trying to cut back on bread which gets served with just about everything you order, but tonight we polished off the entire basket sopping up the extra sauce that was served with the mussels.
And now we are both exhausted and will get to bed early to rest up for another long walk tomorrow. 

And thanks to all of you who have been keeping up with us as we walk. It is a blessing knowing that we have so much support back home.