Day 29. Today we decided to wait a bit longer before leaving since this would be our shortest walk of the entire Camino, only about 12 kilometers. We stopped  at O’Cebreiro, a very hobbit like village with round buildings and thatched roofs.

It also has the oldest church on the Camino route with portions dating from the 9th century.

 Tonight at 7 PM we attended a special Mass for pilgrims. And tomorrow we begin our daily ritual all over again this time heading for Triacastela about 22 kilometers. 

The walk today even though at times grueling physically was one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring of our pilgrimage to date. It was at times like we were walking through an enchanted forest and at other times walking on paths next to large open meadows that sloped very steeply into valleys far below. 

We also spent the entire day walking with our Brazilian friend Betina, a warm and wonderful woman who last night gave Ed a great foot massage that really seemed to ease his discomfort. She will get to Santiago a day ahead of us to meet her daughter who will be flying in from Germany and then they will head to Portugal to visit the hometown where her mother was born. 

We have been so blessed on this pilgrimage with meeting wonderful people from all over the world and also blessed with incredible weather. We have so much to be grateful for. And as far as gratitude goes, I am most grateful for Ed who has sustained me over these last 32 years! Tomorrow, October 4th we celebrate our 32nd anniversary and so we splurged tonight and got a room in the Hotel O’Cebreiro. 

It’s getting late and I need to get to sleep. I hope you enjoy the beauty of today’s pictures.