Day 21

As we stood outside our hotel early this morning, getting our bearings and preparing to leave Leon, we happened to look up and saw across the street the photo below of a sign hanging beside the door of an Inn. The wording of the sign reminded us of the Sangha and our many friends at IMS and immediately much gratitude arose in our hearts for all of you, your love, care and support of us. So, for all of you…

One can never fill one’s heart with too much gratitude. Namaste!

In leaving Leon we once again decided to depart from the French route a bit as once again it traveled for quite a ways parallel to a busy highway. We took an alternative Camino route to stay in a different town than originally planned, Villar de Mazarife, and decided we would reconnect with the French route from there the next day. It would make for a longer hike but would avoid the highway and pass through more scenic areas. It was a good choice.

Villar de Mazarife is very small. More a village than a town. It has a tiny but beautiful church which we visited. Fortunately for us the church’s priest/vicar came in while we were there. He spoke French so we had a lovely conversation with him and he seemed to delight in telling us the history of the church, its patron and details about the art and architecture. He was a very ‘petit’ man, very hobbitesque, which made us chuckle afterwards but we say that with great affection. He was gracious, warm and as welcoming as if he were Bilbo Baggins himself.

Our albergue Tio Pepe.


View out our window… more stork nests.

Iglesia Santiago.

Inside of the church.

Ed with Fr. ‘Bilbo’.

Church Plaza. Gorgeous.

Statue of St. James.