Day 2

Leon couldn’t be more different than the La Meseta was on the Camino; an obvious and huge understatement. Leon is not tranquil but is vibrant in color, sights, sounds, music, laughter, much clinking of glasses, food, history and culture… too much of each to fully take in and see in just one day. We chose carefully three gems that were of interest to us and chose our eating destinations with equal care. There are tons of photos, too many to put captions to save a few of the more important ones. We hope the many we did choose to post (and there could gave been many more) will themselves capture the delight of our Leon experience.

Leon Cathedral

Stained glass galore…

Main altar of cathedral.

We just missed a series of Bach concerts. Oh …

Pregnant Madonna. A relatively rare rendering.

San Isidoro Church.

Remnants of the original Roman wall of the town.

Marc in ‘his’ Plaza San Marco.

Former Monastery now a 5 star hotel. If you saw the movie The Way this is where Martin Sheen treated his friends to a night’s stay.

Casa de Botines designed by Gaudi.

While we eat a bride and groom parade by.

Delighting the kids with giant bubbles… street life.

Our hotel.

Ed and Elvis charm Leon.

Fellow pilgrims from down under.

Yet another parade passes by to end our day in Leon.