Day 18

There was a certain sadness as well as excitement in setting out on today’s hike. Excitement because we would be traveling on the most ancient parts of the Roman road and a yet a sadness knowing we would be leaving La Meseta that was for both of us a school of charity much like St. Benedict’s rule was.

It was particularly rough terrain underfoot with no water stops so anyone choosing to take this route needed to prepare by bringing extra water and some form of nourishnent. We chose to stock up on gin and tonics in our water bottles… just kidding. So, it was up before the birds, out the door and into the dark (save our headlamps) and safely on the Meseta when we began our daily ritual of chants and intercessions. It was a particularly peaceful beginning to the day ahead so we chanted the Latin Salve Regina as well.

After sunrise with the heat beginning to build.

Another Shepherd guides his flock across the road.

By now we’re just beginning to feel we’re getting the hang of Camino life.

Entering the town of Reliegos off in the distance and then on to our final destination.