Day 13 Continuing on La Meseta

We set out in the pitch black wearing our trusty head lamps and carrying a bright flashlight. This yielded to a beautiful moon lit Meseta.

Daylight brings the wide open spaces of La Meseta and the beginnings of a realization that we are lost.

Indeed we somehow took a wrong turn and had been wandering for some time akin to the Israelites wandering in the desert. We both felt fear arising at some point and try as we might couldn’t find our way back to the Camino path. They say the Camino provides. Marc is convinced that Michael the Archangel arrived in the guise of a gruff, simple, Spanish farmer driving a four wheel drive truck. A real tin lizzy. We managed to convey our plight and he happily boarded us into his buggy, cut across wheat fields and more to get us back on track. Deo Gratias!

Finally on track and marching forward we enter Hontanas.

At the entrance to the town was this 14th century shrine called the hermitage of St. Brigitte.

Entering the town of Hontanas with the bell tower of the Church of The Conception.

The ruins of the 14th century Monastery of San Anton.

Front doors of the monastery.

Entering the town of Castrojeriz.

Finally we arrive at our albergue for the night, Rosalia.

Dining room where we ate supper that night.