Day 12

We left at early dusk to head out of Burgos. On our way out of town we were greeted with the following.

This was a former convent of nuns called the convent of St. Bernard housing at one time Cistercian nuns.

A drizzly, raw walk out of town.

A final goodbye to the cathedral.

The Arch of St. Martin at the town’s end.

We continued on to start the beginning of a part of the Camino called La Meseta which intersects on the Camino between Burgos and Astorga. It is a rather long stretch of rolling hills, wide skies and open spaces consisting mostly of fields of wheat, barley or oats. Pilgrims, especially in hot weather, can find it quite disorienting.

A scenic walkway as we depart Borgos.

A small chapel at a cemetery we were passing by.

The beginning of the Meseta.

The church in Hornillos del Camino.

Main altar in town church.

Our albergue for the night… Hornillos Meeting Point. A lovely place.

Ed checking out albergues for our next night.

A spectacular paella for a ‘few’ hungry peregrinos.

The happy crew at Meeting Point.