Day 11

You may be wondering how we got from Logrono to Burgos so fast. The simple answer, by bus.

On the way to the bus we were greeted with this sign. Didn’t know if this was a good or bad omen.

It was a difficult decision to make but since we had fallen behind on our projected average hiking time and due to some health issues we decided it best to bypass a few intended destinations to get us back on track. We decided as well to book an inexpensive hotel for our overnight stay in Burgos to get a good hot shower, rest and a good night’s sleep… NO walking today. Originally this was to be a two night stay but we cut it back to just the one.

It will also give us a chance to tend to Ed’s feet, Marc’s aching knee and arthritic feet. We also have both caught chest colds and figure a good, if only one night’s break, will boost our body/immune systems. NO alarms please. We are both just fine. Ed’s feet are much better; down from 5 blisters to 1 tiny one on his pinkie toe. Marc has a knee brace and this has been very helpful. So, the plan is to set off from Burgos tomorrow and continue hiking to Hornillos del Camino.

A Few Reflections On Our Camino Thus Far.

One thing that has struck us both is how much more environmentally aware the Spanish are in villages, towns, cities, seemingly everywhere. Then again, perhaps there are areas where this is not true and we are not just not seeing them in the areas we are passing through.What we have not seen as yet in our travels is much trash or graffiti and they are quite serious about water conservation. This was a pain at first, though we’ve gotten used to it, as when you go to take a shower the water stays on a short time then shuts off. No constant, long, hot showers. You get wet. Soap up and lather. Punch the water button and then rinse off.

Culturally both of us have found it difficult regards eating. Everything revolves around the afternoon siestas. Everything shuts down and doesn’t re-open until 4-5 pm. Even then supper is in most places not eaten until 7:30 or more generally 8 pm or so.

One thing we have both noticed and enjoyed are Spanish sidewalks. The Spanish know how to build a good and aesthetically pleasing sidewalk; many different types of surfaces, fanciful designs often changing from one block to the other. A small thing I guess but we’ve enjoyed them. We’ll try to take some pics of the wide variety and post them. Ed’s favorite are the cobblestones in the smaller villages. Marc’s are the colorful and many different designs, usually found in the larger towns and cities with geometric patterns of all sorts. Very clever and pleasing to the eye.

Catedral de Santa Maria in Burgos.

One of the guilty pleasures we allowed ourselves once settled into our hotel in Burgos was a walk and visit to its famous cathedral. It was stunning but like most large museums one goes to at a certain point it’s almost sensory overload. We’re posting below a collection of pictures without caption. Too much to remember and too much time to key in. Besides, we had to walk back in the rain and are too pooped to pop to do much more. Just enjoy the visuals, the architecture and the art.

For Brian P. Our supper on our last day in Borgos.

We ended our day with a delicious meal but it didn’t get served until 8:30 PM. YIKES!!! Just can’t seem to get used to this late evening eating.

Ironically we got seated at a lovely table with a picture above me of a Cistercian monk. I want to know who knew what and when.

Ed’s first course of the chef’s mixed greens, ham and charred cheese salad.

Marc’s first course of melon, very sweet he said, with ham slices.

We both ordered fish main courses but cooked different ways. This is Ed’s.

Marc’s fish course.

Ed’s dessert of apple cake and apple ‘n cheese strudel.

Marc’s chocolate cake with a caramel sauce.

And so ends day 11….zzzzzzzz