It’s only been one week on our Camino pilgrimage but I think it’s fair to say there are really three pilgrimages going on with us. There’s our pilgrimage together but simultaneously we really each have our own personal journeys. By now we are into the ebb and flow of daily peregrino life; you arrive at a hostel dog tired and sweaty (it’s been very hot thus far), you shower, wash clothes, set up your bed, eat supper, go to bed early, rise early, leave and set out to walk another day. We walk together, marvel at the stunning sights and visuals, enjoy the “buon Camino” practically every pilgrim greets you with, and then there are times that can go for miles and miles in total silence, not a word spoken between us, just walking, just keeping our hearts open to each new day’s offerings. We can only imagine how another five weeks of this amazing journey will impact our relationship with one another, with God, with others in our lives, with our interior lives. Our mantra… one day, one step at a time. To be honest just this is tough enough.

Now for Pamploma. Great city, great stay. We arrived, found our lodging for the night without too much difficulty and after the usual daily washing rituals we headed out to see the sights. We didn’t realize it or plan it but the night we arrived Pamploma was having a big parade, concerts, festivals to celebrate the town’s founding… a very big deal and a ton of fun. The pictures hopefully capture our luck and delight in being there on that particular night.

Ed just entering Pamploma

Main square Pamplona.

View up side street of Catedral de Santa Maria la Real de Pamploma.

Catedral steeples.

Marc showing the scale of the doors.

Our evening supper… paella and fish.

A surprise… a huge head passing by outside. The parade for the city’s anniversary.

Meeting up with Aussie, Israeli, British, Swedish friends, all of us in very happy moods.

We leave very early the next day and set out for Puente la Reina.