Roncesvalles was a real trip of an experience of a large and I mean VERY large albergue. People climbing over one another, knapsacks, hiking boots, walking sticks everywhere. In spite of the apparent chaos there was a very friendly and genuine comraderie that one could truly feel.

Roncesvalles albergue

Cubicle sleeping quarters.

We arrived earlier than most so registration went easily and once we had our bunks and had showered we went out for a beer. Ah… the pause that refreshes. After that there was time to take in the beauty of two churches right there on the hostel Roncesvalles grounds. The pics below testify to these little gems.

Main altar church at Roncesvalles 

Side altar shrine to St. James

After that it was time to eat a great meal at the hostel’s restaurant. There were two entre choices. I got a succulent pan fried trout and Marc ordered thinly pounded and sauteed escallops of pork. The wine flowed as did the continued delight of meeting yet more of our fellow peregrinos all speaking different languages but managing well enough. These encounters with so many different languages has been great fun and teaching us enough to make ourselves understood. After barely a week on The Way we are doing our best to build on this.

After supper it was off to our bunks to sleep and be rested for the start of our next destination Pamploma. We left early the next day in darkness but eventually with light came this sign.

From here we hiked to Larrasoana, 28 kilometers. We stayed at Albergue San Nicolas. On the way we passed through Burgett where we found a much needed ATM.

Here’s some of our favorite sights from Burgett, another overnight in Larrasoana, and then finally onto Pamplona.

Early morning passing through Burgett

Fellow peregrinos on the way to Pamplona.

Gorgeous country side everywhere.

Originally we were intending to stay for two nights in Pamploma but decided to stay only one night. We really wanted to visit the Cistercian Monastery Santa Maria de Iranzu given our Cistercian backgrounds. The terrain getting there was looking a lot more rugged and longer than we anticipated so we decided to add an additional day to our plans for our stay in Villatuerta. First, however, onto Pamploma. Here are a few scenic shots along the way.

The walk this day saw temps in the 94+ degree range. This water stop was a relief to see

Finally we crossed the Puente de la Magdalena into Pamploma.

Puente de la Magdalena