First an apology to all for such a delayed post. It was a long journey just to get across the pond and eventually to the starting point of our Camino pilgrimage. It also has taken time to get used to and into albergue routines and life.

Margo kindly picked us up at our house then we headed down two houses to pick up Gyano. We made it to Logan in fine fashion. Gyano was off to Australia so we dropped her off at her terminal with hugs, bittersweet goodbyes, prayers and lots of metta for her, her dad and family as she headed home for her dad’s Memorial service.

Then Margo dropped us off as we were flying out of Boston via Portugal Air to Lisbon with 2 hour layover there before leaving for Paris.

From there we took a bus to Montparnasse for a 3+ hour wait for our 5 hour high speed train connection to Bayonne. We didn’t waste our time there though.

People watching was a delight, we got to strike up conversations with the locals so made good use of our time practicing our French speaking skills and finally when our tummies rumbled we sat down to a wonderful meal at a small café and a delightful meal (which we both ordered) of canard avec un gratin dauphinois, and un salad touted aver a grand biere.

Not long after we ate our train was finally called and we were off to Bayonne.

(More Posts to come tonight… promise)