We are now less than 2 months away from the beginning of our Camino.  We leave for Paris on September 3 and arrive on the 4th, then a quick (we hope) commuter flight to Bayonne where the next morning we hop a train for Saint Jean Pied de Port where we actually start the walk.

Today (July 3) we hiked a portion of the Wapack Trail from Ashburham, MA into New Hampshire. We had hoped to walk a total of 18 miles, 9 miles along the trail and then 9 miles back to the car, however the trail proved to be more difficult than we anticipated and only had time to do about 5 miles in and 5 miles back in a little over 6 hours. The picture below is on the top of Mt. Watatic, from which there is a spectacular view up into New Hampshire and back toward Mt Wachusett.


The trip to the top of this mountain proved to be the easiest part of this hike. It turned out to be the paths that followed that were quite rocky and difficult to walk on, which was why we did not complete the distance we had hoped.  However there were a couple of spots of easy, gentle paths that were lined with a profusion of Mountain Laurel.


It was a long day,  but we felt that it was a great preparation for the days ahead on the Camino.  September 3 will be here before you know it and we hope to post a little bit every day, with pictures of that day’s sights and a short reflection.  Thanks to all who will be following us on this dream of a lifetime exprerience.